There are an alarming number of people who have endured severe mental, physical and emotional harm at an ayahuasca ceremony or retreat; some have spent years trying to recover from the devastating effects of these intense and terrifying experiences.

Ryan Steyn AyahuascaI have written an article titled: Ayhuasca – overcoming the after effect, in which I have shared my own experience of an Ayhuasca ceremony and my path to healing from the subsequent mental and emotional trauma, confusion and devastation that I experienced both during and after the ceremony, with the goal and purpose of making Jesus known amongst others.

Sharing your story has many benefits, it serves to inform, educate, encourage, support and give hope to others.

We have created a chat forum, dedicated to sharing experiences and offering support to individuals who have experienced mental, physical or emotional trauma, confusion or devastation and who have been induced into a state of psychosis.

We invite you to share your own personal experiences, or testimony.